Peer Review 2 #BCM302

First BETA DA I will be following up on is Jack Ridoutt‘s. Like me, Jack found it difficult to get a solid start and stick to his original plan in terms of content creation and curation for his audience. Jack’s new refined idea of 2 videos a week focusing solely on content he already has knowledge on will prove to be successful if he can find the time amongst his busy schedule. Personally I think for Jack it might be more beneficial to not set a specific amount of weekly content, I think if Jack was to tailor his output of work around his schedule, this could help make his content production goals less rigid and more so when he has time. This would also help with the quality of the content. Another aspect of Jacks project I like and believe will be beneficial, is his plan to engage with reddit. Reddit is a great platform for engaging with like-minded individuals, so this could also help jack find inspiration for his videos as well as help grow his audience and even post his YouTube links to the subreddits to increase traffic and boost views. Another suggestion I would make to Jack is perhaps even make smaller length videos and work up to making longer videos, its often a little daunting when you have set yourself a big task of making a full commentary 10 minute video for example, which, what follows is procrastination and putting it off, I would suggest perhaps aiming for smaller duration videos to help get the ball rolling and get used to regular content production output. But good work Jack and keen to see how your final DA ends up!

The second BETA project I will commenting on and giving feedback for is Isabella Ambrosi. Isabella is doing a very similar, if not identical project to my own, which is why I have a high interest in her project. One of the things she mentions is that her engagement is a little low, one way that I’ve found to help boost engagement and exposure is to use the website Hashtag Generator. This will give you key and popular hashtags around a particular topic, such as japan which is what I have been using and have found a decent amount of success with. I also think what Isabella is doing with her Instagram reels looks incredibly promising! My suggestion would be try to post more reels as it seems you got a-lot of engagement with it, even if they were only views, this can lead more people to check out your page, which in turn will lead to potentially more followers and engagement with your page. Although the two reddit posts Isabella posted, didn’t really get as much engagement as she had hoped I still think it would be beneficial to either try again with those subreddit or even explore other subreddits with a larger following so as to try and capture as many people as possible. I have had previous success with reddit with other digital artefacts so its a good option if you can find your audience. In terms of your final question “how do you link the blog to your Instagram”, In my opinion you seem to have a good start here and have started to accumulate followers, I believe your focus should be on trying to boost what you have instead of incorporate another element into the mix. I think this could complicate things for you, but overall good job on the BETA and I’m keen to see where your project takes you!

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