Digital Artefact BETA #BCM302

As you can see from my beta video, I have had a lot going on this semester, but have been trying to iron out the kinks of this DA

For my Digital Artefact Beta I have been aiming to increase my engagement for my Japanese themed Instagram Japanese_Bliss.

There are a few ways I been aiming to do this through feedback from my original pitch, as well as my peers and the direct engagement I have been getting on my Instagram posts.

The main way I have been aiming to increase engagement is by interacting with similar Japanese themed Instagram pages and trying to comment on posts made by the account as to try and gain more site traffic to my Instagram page.

Another thing I have been aiming to do is increase engagement is post more unique and interesting images as well as try and utilise Instagram stories and hashtags on posts. For the most part this has resulted in a small but steady increase in followers and engagement which is rewarding to see.

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