Peer Review 1 – #BCM302


The first student I will be conducting my peer review on and following their DA process, this semester is Jack Ridoutt. I will analyse each compartment of the pitch, from concept to methodology then utility.

Jack aims to create a Youtube Channel to create and curate content surrounding the NBA. Jack’s passion for basketball will be a real asset in order for him to create regular and high-quality content that his audience will enjoy. He aims to produce at minimum one video a week talking about weekly news and game highlights at the time of each recording, and may even produce two videos depending on workload. This project also does well to address the utility aspect of the parameters. Due to jack speaking to the basketball audience as well as sports in general, there is a huge target audience awaiting content that jack is willing to bring to the table through his videos.

I believe Jack is doing a DA well suited to his passion and interests which will really help the quality and frequency of production in his videos, however, perhaps Jack should consider doing shorter videos more often, I suggest this because he mentions in his pitch video that there is a large amount of content being produced by the NBA and due to this, perhaps doing shorter update videos, even if a little more informal, might be a little more impactful and resonate more to his audience and overall DA direction and goals.


The next student’s DA I will be reviewing and following this semester is Isabella Ambrosi. I will be discussing Isabellas, concept, methodology, and utility in this review. Isabella aims to create a Japanese themed Instagram page filled with pictures from her recent trip to the country. Isabella aims to post twice a week in order to have a consistent amount of content flowing through her page as well as optimise the success of the photos by attaching hashtags to all posts to gain traction and page visits. This DA will appeal to an audience of travelers and Japanese enthusiasts including myself!

Isabella’s DA is quite similar to my own which is a reason for me choosing to review and follow her DA since our interests with this aesthetic align. For Isabella to maximize her posts and social engagement with posts perhaps she could try and include Instagram stories with polls and other interactive Instagram story tools, in order to try and decrease the gap between content curator and audience, perhaps the audience could even suggest future post ideas or give helpful post tips, this would ensure further audience engagement and help the feedback loop process as well as make for great content. Additionally, I think for her DA to be more successful, I would recommend trying to use the account to engage with other Japanese aesthetic pages to get followers and get as much exposure as possible, which will in turn lead to more engagement with content.  

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