Group Contribution Summary #BCM300

This blog post will indicate my contribution to our group project for BCM300 – Game Media.

I am in a group with myself and 3 others, they being Jack Ridoutt, Thomas Talevski, and Kendal Louis. Peer blogs are hyperlinked within names. 

To begin with, our group started off quite strong when we were asked to begin brainstorming ideas and mechanics, our group synergy worked well and enthusiasm and positivity were high. We eventually came up with a rather unique idea of creating a board game that mixes soccer, chess, and meme characters.

For our game which is currently titled “Memetic Soccer,” there were a few key core mechanics that we established. It would, first of all, have picture cards, showing playable characters, it would follow similar mechanics to chess, as well as have a new mechanic involving a ball (for the characters to score with and the player to earn points).

As for my individual contribution, I will be aiming to create all player cards in the game, which we all decided to be some sort of meme character or person. I thought this decision would be in the best interest of the game as well as suit the demographics of potential players. It will also add a humorous effect. I will be researching/designing/implementing roughly 20 characters for the game, that will go into a deck for players to choose from at the beginning of each game, and to play with throughout. 

The research I have done and the areas of which I intend to explore are as follows.

“The Moves in the Mind – The Psychology of Board Games” written by (Gobet, Voogt, Retschitzki). This book has many fundamental ideas about the psychology of board games which I will aim to understand so I can implement that into my own characters as well as help me to choose ones that are appropriate and work well with the overall theme and aesthetic of the game. 

I also have discovered a paper written on memes and meme culture. This scholarly article will provide crucial information for me to utilise for my character picking and selection process.

Additionally, I will also take a more unscholarly approach to my research by searching youtube for potential meme character reviews, as well as look into videoes such as ‘meme review’ hosted by popular YouTuber PewDiePie. 

I believe by having a well-rounded information base of memes in a sociocultural context, an understanding the psychology of board games such as how players think, as well as non-acedemic research on popular websites like youtube, I will be able to execute a strong piece of the puzzle for the overall game for my group.

Once I have conducted the appropriate research into the best way to pick my meme characters and have a fundamental understanding of board game mechanics and player psychosis, I will begin the selection process of the characters by researching popular memetic characters. Once a decent selection has been made I will make further refinements based on game mechanics so that my other team members sections such as the ‘player abilities’ mechanic, can be easily implemented and appropriately matched to the character and make sense within the context of the game. 

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