Individual Project BETA #BCM300


For my project BETA, I am aiming to create an interactive music guessing game suited for up to 8 players max and aged 13+ due to songs having explicit language. The game would feature mechanics from the popular online game “Kahoot”, giving it a fun and interactive play mechanic. The game would revolve around a phone app, the main phone playing a song with a bunch of phones linked to it, which would be the players. 

Additional mechanics added as mentioned would be a shazam feature, which would act like a ‘phone a friend’ kind of style which utilises the phone’s microphone to tell you the name of the song and earn you points, given only once to players per game.

The game would revolve around the premise of unpopular songs by popular artists as to add a high amount of engagement and fun.

BETA Comments #BCM325

This is my BCM325 BETA comments blog where I will provide some feedback and some helpful information and insight into three of my peers, to assist them in their individual Digital Artefacts. 

The first blog I commented on was Jack Ridoutt’s.Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 1.36.11 pm

Jack started his DA off wanting to talk about the future of CGI in films, but upon further consideration and assessing his audience and engagement levels he decided to scrap the idea and focus on the future of microtransactions, which I think is a much better direction to take his DA in since he has done a previous assignment about out as well as quite a personal passion in the gaming industry. The link I provided jack I believe will be a good guide to where the microtransaction industry is heading and whats the future of the business model. Being so prevalent in games today I don’t think they will be leaving anytime soon but they could evolve into new and sneaky ways of ultimately just gaining money out of people, so jacks final DA results and presentation will be interesting.  

Second peer’s blog I commented on was Kendal Louis

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 3.21.43 pm

Kendal has quite a modern and interesting topic he is exploring the idea of connection to the internet in contrast to human connections and if technology and smartphones being able to make facetime calls are hindering or affecting humans who are primarily social creatures. I found a really good article that I believe Kendal will find incredibly useful, it discusses the impact that smartphones have and could have on the future of social interaction and interpersonal skills, that humans need in order to convey their ideas to other people. Using this info I believe it will give Kendal a bit more groundwork in order for him to generate content for the 3 visual essays he intends to do for his final DA.


The final peer’s blog I commented on was Isabella Ambrosi’s

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 3.38.29 pm

Isabella has made some great progress with her digital artefact. Isabella’s project aims to look at the future of VR gaming. I sent a helpful link to an article that I believe will help expand her search and give her some specific details and areas of gaming that VR could potentially expand in, in the future, however, Isabella has received some really high-quality engagement on Reddit and through using a survey which she posted to her twitter to try and get the thoughts of some of the BCM students which is a great idea. This is promising feedback and if she continues to post and engage with these audiences she will be able to produce a really high-quality product come time for the DA submission. 

All links for comments are hyperlinked within peer names. 

Future of Space Travel – BETA #BCM325

For my BETA for BCM325, I have managed to utilise the feedback I was given on my first initial blog post and have managed to receive a large amount of engagement on Reddit, by asking a series of question each week to different subreddits in order to keep consistency and get public community feedback and engagement.

Here is the link to my reddit page to view all posts and engagment.

This is my BETA video highlighting my DA progress.

Group Contribution Summary #BCM300

This blog post will indicate my contribution to our group project for BCM300 – Game Media.

I am in a group with myself and 3 others, they being Jack Ridoutt, Thomas Talevski, and Kendal Louis. Peer blogs are hyperlinked within names. 

To begin with, our group started off quite strong when we were asked to begin brainstorming ideas and mechanics, our group synergy worked well and enthusiasm and positivity were high. We eventually came up with a rather unique idea of creating a board game that mixes soccer, chess, and meme characters.

For our game which is currently titled “Memetic Soccer,” there were a few key core mechanics that we established. It would, first of all, have picture cards, showing playable characters, it would follow similar mechanics to chess, as well as have a new mechanic involving a ball (for the characters to score with and the player to earn points).

As for my individual contribution, I will be aiming to create all player cards in the game, which we all decided to be some sort of meme character or person. I thought this decision would be in the best interest of the game as well as suit the demographics of potential players. It will also add a humorous effect. I will be researching/designing/implementing roughly 20 characters for the game, that will go into a deck for players to choose from at the beginning of each game, and to play with throughout. 

The research I have done and the areas of which I intend to explore are as follows.

“The Moves in the Mind – The Psychology of Board Games” written by (Gobet, Voogt, Retschitzki). This book has many fundamental ideas about the psychology of board games which I will aim to understand so I can implement that into my own characters as well as help me to choose ones that are appropriate and work well with the overall theme and aesthetic of the game. 

I also have discovered a paper written on memes and meme culture. This scholarly article will provide crucial information for me to utilise for my character picking and selection process.

Additionally, I will also take a more unscholarly approach to my research by searching youtube for potential meme character reviews, as well as look into videoes such as ‘meme review’ hosted by popular YouTuber PewDiePie. 

I believe by having a well-rounded information base of memes in a sociocultural context, an understanding the psychology of board games such as how players think, as well as non-acedemic research on popular websites like youtube, I will be able to execute a strong piece of the puzzle for the overall game for my group.

Once I have conducted the appropriate research into the best way to pick my meme characters and have a fundamental understanding of board game mechanics and player psychosis, I will begin the selection process of the characters by researching popular memetic characters. Once a decent selection has been made I will make further refinements based on game mechanics so that my other team members sections such as the ‘player abilities’ mechanic, can be easily implemented and appropriately matched to the character and make sense within the context of the game. 

Music Game Pitch #BCM300


Summary of Video Pitch:

Theme –  Music based game.

Audience – The audience would be anyone with a phone wanting to play a music-related/based game. Age would be 13+ due to some songs having swearing language

Experience – I was thinking of making the game playable on mobile devices, but can also be played in person and online.

Timeline – Each week spend some time refining the idea by implementing more game mechanics and interesting new ideas for the game.

References I used as a guide for this idea:

Live Tweeting Highlights Blog #BCM325

For the first five weeks of this semester, we have been watching a series of films related to the future and have been live-tweeting during a screening every Thursday along with the rest of the BCM325 cohort. Here are some highlights of tweets that I found particularly good as well as some tweets with high-quality engagement from my peers.

My Twitter Link:

Week 1: Metropolis

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 12.52.32 pm 

This was probably my best-engaged tweet for the week 1 screening of metropolis. I engaged with the lecture content for that week making reference to the lecture topic of ‘Futures thinking: science fiction’. I managed to get 6 likes, two retweets, and an engaging comment. My other tweets for week one quite spam post-y and not very linked to subject content, more so what was happening during the movie and commenting, those also received a decent amount of engagement through likes and retweets as well.

Week 2: 2001 A Space Odyssey

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 1.25.44 pmScreen Shot 2020-04-16 at 1.26.05 pm

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 1.26.34 pm Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 1.31.02 pm

These were the best tweets for the week 2 live-tweeting, I engaged with a lot more subjet content for this week and also contributed more ‘serious’ tweets to my twitter feed, this allowed for some great conversations with peers and good engagement for most of my tweets I was pretty happy with this week’s tweets. 

Week 3: WestWorld 1973 

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 3.08.43 pm Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 3.12.02 pm

For the week 3 film, we watched the 1973 film Westworld! This week I was a bit disorganised and didn’t critically link the tweets that well to the lecture content but I did manage to create some engaging tweets that engage with the subject premises and ask some questions that proposed some interesting perspective. As shown above, my engagement was good. 

Week 4: Blade Runner 2007 Final Cut Edition

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 3.33.35 pmScreen Shot 2020-04-16 at 3.35.08 pm

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 3.34.44 pmScreen Shot 2020-04-16 at 3.37.28 pm

For this week I was a lot more switched on and ready for the live-tweeting than the previous week, I was able to integrate the lecture content tropes/ideas and link them to the similar tropes being displayed in Bladerunner, I think it also helped that I have seen the movie before and was able to think ahead during the movie and think more critically in the moment about the themes being portrayed. As seen above I got good engagement with my tweets and got some really got critically thinking replies. 

Week 5: Minority Report 2002

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 4.06.25 pmScreen Shot 2020-04-16 at 4.06.48 pm

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 4.07.55 pmScreen Shot 2020-04-16 at 4.09.09 pm

This week’s film Minority report was one of the best screenings yet! I quite enjoyed the film and I also managed to output some high quality and highly engaged tweets. I didn’t engage with as much lecture content this week but I did manage to link it to the tropes and ideas that have been discussed throughout the session thus far such as speaking to the future and addressing ideas like human/robot slavery. In one of the comments above, I got a huge number of comments and likes with really good engagement, I couldn’t even fit it all on the one screenshot! The link to the tweet is here. 

Overall these five weeks of live-tweeting have been incredibly interesting and beneficial for breaking down the ideas and tropes of the film and relating to the subject content, it’s also quite refreshing to see my peer’s ideas about the films as it adds different and interesting perspectives. 

Pitch Comments #BCM325

This blog post will highlight my comments of three of my peers in the BCM325 cohort, as I attempt to give some aid and hopefully useful links for them to use in their pursuit of their DA!

Comment 1: Elizabeth Bridges

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 8.38.05 pm

Elizabeth had a really unique idea for her DA, her idea is to further research and dive into the world of future technologies and AI in regards to the creative industry, such as film making. This is a real issue and I too am curious to see where technology takes films and filmmaking in the future, I suggested a couple of links that look at AI predicting potentially highly profitable box office movies based on CGI and content of the movie.

Full Comment and link can be found here.

Comment 2: Elena Bozic

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 2.55.09 pm

Elena’s project is also a really good one, her aim is to continue to contribute to the UOW creative tik tok page. I’ve suggested a few things for her to try in terms of content creation and ideas because typically their creation and brief is to ‘showcase UOW campus life’ but due to COVID-19 this has made it impossible for any real on-campus filming content. But alas I have given a few links and tips I believe will help with creating engaging and creative content for the UOW creative tik tok page. Some of these ideas include skits and memeing the now all online information dissemination, as students will find this relatable and comical.

Full comment and link can be found here.

Comment 3: Julia Belikova

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 2.54.49 pm

Julia has a very relevant and interesting DA idea. Her idea is to look into the future of digital and social media marketing across different platforms, as well as explore different technologies such as VR to assist the marketing process. I too have an interest in this field and provided Julia with a few links and suggested she also look at tik tok as its growing enormously in popularity and some of the statistics that tik tok generate are quite astounding, and for marketers looking to promote brands and products their goal is to reach as many people as possible, so with social media apps like tik tok it has made this easier. 

Full comment and link can be found here.

For these comments given to me I aim to extensively research the links and guidance given to me by my peers as I want to refine my DA idea slightly in order to keep a consistent pace throughout the DA, this thought process is also due to my feedback received on my project pitch which was good, but rethinking my methodology and taking these comments on board will help my project immensely. 

The Analog Table Top Game Experience #BCM300

Week 1: Board Game playing

Game 1: Rhino Hero

rhino hero

Recount of experience:

It took a while for my group and I to get the ball rolling learning the rules and getting set up, this was probably due to the fact that we started off reading the wrong rules because another instruction manual was in the game box, but nonetheless, once we learnt the rules eventually we got the ball rolling. In my honest opinion, the game wasn’t overly appealing. We played a couple of rounds but each playthrough was quite lackluster, this was probably due to the game’s simple mechanic. There was some enjoyment but not enough for hours and hours of playthroughs.

Extra Info:

The Board Game family review site has an interesting and insightful view on the board game, the game s mainly directed at children but can be enjoyed by the entire family. “If the game has you standing on chairs, it’s a hit.”

Game 2: Codenames: Picture edition

Code name pictures

Recount of experience:

This game was an interesting one, the setup of this game only happened towards the end of the lesson; this was mainly due to the quite complicated instructions in the instruction booklet. But luckily, we spotted a QR code on the front of the booklet and was able to watch a 3-minute YouTube video on how to set up the game and play, which turned out to be a lot more basic than we were led to believe. We played the game twice and found it to be pretty enjoyable, the games mechanic was similar to ‘Guess who’ in which the object of the game was to try and eliminate the opponent’s cards buy giving hints to your partner, this made for an interesting dynamic and challenging fun.

Extra Info:

A review is given by Tabletop Together gives an insightful and accurate review of the game stating it’s fun and (once learned) simple mechanics that work well in groups and would be a hit at parties.

Week 2: Further Board Game playing

This week of BCM300 was another tabletop analog game experience and once groups and tables were established, we were given the game (by request) coup. A friend of mine chose this game as he had said that it is a fun game and knows how to play and since last week well over half the time we used up trying to work out the game this was a welcome change. However we started playing by his explanation but it was further pointed out by someone on the table of the many loopholes the rules had, with that we decided to get a video up of the rules on how to play and turns out one the key game mechanics we had was, in fact, the opposite to what it was meant to be, once we fixed this kink in our gameplay the games ran much more smoothly and we were able to have a fair few enjoyable rounds of coup.

Image 1: Coup Set up 


Image 2: Jack’s face of confusion when he didn’t remember the rules correctly 

Jack confused

Image 3: group celebrating the fact that we had a successful game playing the correct rules

Jacks win

The Future of Space Travel #BCM325 Pitch!

For my BCM325 Future Cultures DA, I have decided to investigate further into the future of space travel and what people in the general community think about not only interstellar travel but space slights being made commercially available and whether or not ideas such as a space holiday are appealing to people or not.

I will conduct my DA through weekly Reddit posts to a couple of different subreddits each week in order to be able to obtain the most amount of engagement per question per week. By the end, I aim to cultivate the posts and put them into a blog and highlight my findings and engagement in what people think about this new horizon in human exploration and space travel.


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